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“Chuluut Tul" NGO


Chuluut is a river runs through the valleys of central Mongolia; 415 kilometers long , maximum depth 3 meters, width 80 meters. Its also a home to hucho taimen; the biggest freshwater trout known. Due to climate change and human activities in recent years taimen population decreased to "endangered" category. "CHULUUT TUL 2030" project, started in 2019, focuses on conserving the river valley and repopulate its native spicies. Past 2 years our trout hatchery released close to 1 million swim-up fries (not taimen) to the river. Projected survival rate of fries to adulthood is approximately 20 % , and we are doing the best we can do to monitor, and fight against illegal fishing all year around.

s. Javzandulam

s. Javzandulam


Teacher, successfully worked and managed many humanitarian projects, conservationist

Batzul Kh.

Batzul Kh.


bachelor degree in business management at Utah Valley University 2007, fly fisherman, conservationist

Environmental degradation in Chuluut Basin and potential risks

Due to climate change, desertification, habitat degradation and human impacts, the population of Hucho Taimen and other fish is declining rapidly in recent years.  

Diatom algea caused by climate change and pollution have widely spread in the river. As aquatic environment pollution and increased water temprature, population of algea eating insects, small minnows, mixed feeder fish such as Siberian dace, grayling, lenok trout have declined.

Algea in Chuluut River 2016.07.15


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